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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Bring it like it should//// blogg-ed at 7:43 PM

Hey people,

I'm planning to send an order for my CCA tee, so I wuz wondering if you guys want our class tee too. Nobody came up with any designs, we all just say say only lor! So if you want it plezzzzz tell me ASAP like, before the extension week ends you know. I am a busy woman. HAHAHA.

K luv u do more holiday homework!

Joey. :P

P.S:/ I am so cool. Kangning is so gay. Huichee is so smelly. Chick is so fat. Lychee is so lame.
Monday, May 25, 2009
blogg-ed at 9:51 PM

Ok, shall help alex here :D

Today was 3it's inter-class basketball match against 3ep. Yes, even though we lost but nvm right! :D I feel very proud of our class cos very sporting and ya, we fought 'till the end even though we knew we couldn't catch up! xD

*a round of applause*

So, the team shall be sincere here.
would like to thank the supporters for supporting us despite the SUPER HEAT THAT CAN FRY MANY EGGS : kenneth tan, kenneth ng, derek, zi how, karen, huichee, felicia, huixuan, hazel, ying sin, germaine, lei-an, clairene, shuk kan, serene (3cr) , shirlyn, jun qiang (3dl) and wing yin (: (hope i didn't miss anyone out, if i did, i'm so sorry) all your cheering was greatly appreciated :D
would also like to thank ms mong, huixuan, shirlyn, serene and huichee for buying drinks! :D
would also like to thank the team : alex, gaoxiang, mitchell, kenneth ng, hazel, clairene :D

Let's jiayou for other inter-class :D !

Alex : It's not your fault la, stop saying sorry ok? CHEER UP DUDE! xD

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The person who took of shoes halfway in the game and put in back on later xD
blogg-ed at 7:13 PM

haha...yongsheng foot reflexolgy centre...wrong sheng though....hahas

Sunday, May 10, 2009
blogg-ed at 7:11 PM

Jiayou everyone for the last 3 papers. Class outinggggg :)